Education and outreach programs

As an artist-run centre, Vidéographe is committed to creating a positive societal impact through its education and outreach program. We believe that exposure to the arts can have important positive impacts and can play a significant part in academic and social success. Our interventions are aimed at young people, to develop their social and emotional well-being, while also:

  • arousing their interest in the arts
  • introducing them to new works of art
  • guiding them in learning a diverse range of creative techniques and approaches
  • sharing positive and unconventional career paths
  • valorizing their own artistic expression
  • opening them up to different ways of seeing the world.

Through our education and outreach program we hope to meet social, educational, and emotional objectives through research and artistic innovation; to this end, we pool resources with other community organizations and facilitate collaboration between artists and young people.

Our education and outreach program comprises the following activities:

  • exploring experimental video practice across several themes (video art, dance video, socio-political and identity-based themes)
  • meetings with Quebec-based filmmakers who will discuss their work and their career paths to inspire young people
  • exploring different creative techniques such as stop motion animation, drawing on film, making experimental video
  • teaching about distribution to festivals
  • organizing public screenings of works made by the participants.

Through its education and outreach program, Vidéographe will offer opportunities for learning and artistic creation to adolescents and young adults. These activities will be offered in partnership with community organizations Dans la rue, La Maison d’Haïti and the youth centre Le Beau Voyage.


About our partners

Dans la rue: Founded by Father Emmett Johns “Pops” in 1988, Dans la rue helps young people who are homeless or at risk. With dedication, empathy and respect, and with the support of the community, the centre cares for their immediate needs and works with them to gain the skills and resources necessary to lead more independent and rewarding lives.

La Maison d’Haïti: Founded in 1972, la Maison d’Haïti is a community and cultural organization dedicated to the reception, education, and integration of immigrants and their families and to creating and developing strong ties with Quebec society. With its five areas of activity – education for young people and adults, facilitating the integration of new immigrants, issues specific to women and to young people, and cultural dissemination – the centre provides services to more than 7000 people each year.

Le Centre le Beau Voyage: Le Centre le Beau Voyage is a community youth organization that has been active in the Plateau Mont-Royal district for more than forty years. The Centre’s mission is to support the physical, social, psychological, and intellectual development of young people by eliminating or diminishing the impact of a range of social issues affecting young people and their families. Through activities and services, the Centre aims to foster self-esteem, independence, and empowerment.