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Become a member

It’s worthwhile!

In becoming a Vidéographe member, you will benefit from a wide range of privileges:

  • Access to our screening, exhibition and filming equipment at competitive price.
  • Access to our digital lab and digization services at competitive price.
  • One-day free access to our digital lab.
  • Discount rates for workshops.
  • Three months of free access to our online catalogue Vithèque.
  • Member-pricing for rental at Main Film.
  • Member-pricing for rental and workshops at the following organizations: Femmes du Cinéma de la Télévision et des Médias Numériques (FCTMN), PRIM, SPIRA, Paraloeil and Eastern Bloc

After being a member for two consecutive years, you can become an active member which makes you eligible to sit on Vidéographe’s Board of Directors.



  • New subscription – $50,00
  • New subscription Student – $25,00
  • Renewal and distribution rights holders – $50,00
    (The renewal makes it possible to become an active member)
  • Rates for a yearly group membership (before taxes)
      • New subscription – $200,00
      • Renewal – $100,00

      You can pay with the paypal link below for the regular membership. For a student’s or a group membership, please contact us at

*The membership is non-transferable
*The member is responsible for the equipment rented
*The reneral of a membership must be done no later than 2 months after its expiration