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Our catalogue comprises more than 2,000 works from the 1970s to today, making it one of the most important Canadian video collections. Our principal objectives with regards to distribution are to promote experimental forms of moving image and to generate fair revenues for artists.

We are active in both commercial and non-commercial distribution networks, including festivals, broadcasters, schools and universities, public libraries, museums, galleries, community groups, film clubs, private companies, individual consumers, and ‘video on demand.’ We also serve an important network of curators and programmers. Our website Vithèque allows institutions, audiovisual professionals, and members of the public full access to Vidéographe’s collection online.

We are a non-exclusive distributor, which means that artists retain possession of all rights over their work.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for independent works that stand apart for their currency and endeavour to renew the artistic language. Examples may include a crossing over of genres, techniques and technologies; reflections on the media, or on cinematic, videographic, or installation-based forms; research and exploration of new artistic forms in tune with the socio-political and technological issues of our time; the exploration of unconventional narrative or documentary forms, and practical research.

 Other criteria for selection include evidence of experimentation, rigorous and relevant research, the advancement of the discipline, socio-political engagement, aesthetic and thematic complementarity with Vidéographe’s catalogue, and the work’s potential for dissemination.

We consider all genres—video art, experimental work, experimental fiction, documentary or essay form, animation, and dance video—with the exception of television series, recordings, video clips, pornography, corporate films, and commercials. We now also accept video installations to ensure their exposure and conservation. Projects of a conventional nature, such as classic short narrative film or television documentary, are not appropriate to our mandate or catalogue.

Although Vidéographe is committed to art made in Quebec, submissions from elsewhere in Canada and abroad are also welcome. We aim to reflect Quebec’s cultural, sexual, linguistic, and identity-related diversity and encourage artists from traditionally under-represented or marginalized groups to submit their work for consideration.

We prioritize recent works (made within the last year) for active distribution; however, older works may be added to the collection for their heritage or historic value or to complete the portfolio of an artist whom we distribute.

Interested in submitting your work?

We recommend that you read the Acquisition Policy and distribution services and consult the catalogue to ensure suitability. You should then fill out the Submissions Form. For a first submission to Vidéographe, you can send a maximum of three works; the others may be considered subsequently.

Submissions may be made at any time. A committee meets every 3 or 4 months to consider applications. If your work is accepted for distribution, we will contact you to sign a contract and discuss a marketing plan. Should your submission be refused, you will receive a personal email giving reasons for this.

All artists who sign a distribution contract must become members of Vidéographe. Membership fees are $50.00. The distribution contract lasts for five years. It is then automatically renewed on an annual basis, unless written notice to the contrary is given six months prior to expiry.

For further information, please contact Mathilde Fauteux at distribution [@] videographe.org or at 514-521-2116 ext. 224

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