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Videos are converted in ProRes422 file.

Files can be transferred on USB stick or hard disk provided by the artist. In certain cases, files can be transferred on DVD. A single DVD costs 1$. DCP can also be produce if the equipment is available. Please contact us to know about availability and cost.

This service is reserved to Vidéographe’s member. Please consult this page to know how to become a member.


Eligible formats for digitization:

  • Betacam
  • Hi8
  • VHS
  • SVHS
  • Mini DV

Ineligible formats for digitization:

  • Mini DV HD
  • U-matic
  • DigiBeta

Digitization is available from Tuesday to Friday upon reservation only. To make a reservation, please contact Éric Falardeau : 514-521-2116 extension 222


Lenovo ThinkStation P510 30B5 – Xeon E5-1630V4
Graphic Card NVIDIA Quadro P600


Rate: $15 / hour
Minimum rate: 1 hour